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Cartes de l'édition "Treachery and Deceit" (140)

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Code-carte Nom français Nom anglais
18C101 Precise Attack
18C103 Rohirrim Recruit
18C106 A Dragon's Tale
18C109 Make a Run For It
18C116 Fury of the Evil Army
18C117 Ghastly Wound
18C124 White Hand Attacker
18C125 White Hand Exorciser
18C128 White Hand Mystic
18C129 White Hand Sieger
18C131 White Hand Uruk
18C16 Miruvóre
18C17 Woodhall Elf, Exile
18C19 Drawn to Full Height
18C20 Ents Marching
18C22 Librarian, Keeper of Ancient Texts
18C3 Thorin's Harp
18C36 Time for Food
18C39 Armor of the White City
18C44 Defenses Long Held
18C49 Faramir's Company
18C51 For Gondor!
18C56 Ranger of the South
18C57 Shield of the White Tree
18C65 Declined Business
18C68 Harry Goatleaf
18C70 Ill News is an Ill Guest
18C72 Ruffian
18C73 Rough Man of the South
18C74 Squint-eyed Southerner
18C77 Whisper in the Dark
18C84 Orkish Axe
18C85 Orkish Aggressor
18C87 Orkish Breeder
18C88 Orkish Defender
18C89 Orkish Headsman
18C9 Elven Defender
18C90 Orkish Skirmisher
18C91 Orkish Sneak
18C94 Cast from the Hall
18R1 Gimli, Sprinter
18R100 Gamling's Horn
18R102 Rohirrim Diadem
18R105 Théoden, Ednew
18R107 Fredegar Bolger, Fatty
18R11 Galadriel's Silver Ewer
18R112 Scouring of the Shire
18R113 Sting, Elven Long Knife
18R114 Cleaved
18R115 Final Triumph
18R118 Lurtz, Halfling Hunter
18R119 Lurtz's Bow, Black-Fletch Bow
18R12 Gil-galad, High King of the Noldor
18R122 Shagrat, Tower Captain
18R126 White Hand Marchers
18R127 White Hand Marshal
18R13 Glorfindel, Eldarin Lord
18R133 Pull of the Ring
18R14 Haldir, Warrior Messenger
18R15 Lembas Bread
18R18 Beorning Axe
18R24 Our Time
18R26 Radagast's Herb Bag
18R28 Countless Cords
18R29 Deceit
18R31 It Draws Him
18R32 Not Easily Avoided
18R34 Shelob, Menace
18R35 Sting of Shelob
18R38 Aragorn, Heir to the Throne of Gondor
18R4 Arwen's Bow
18R40 Boromir, Proud and Noble Man
18R41 Crown of Gondor
18R42 Denethor, On the Edge of Madness
18R43 Denethor's Sword
18R47 Elendil's Army
18R48 Faramir, Captain of Ithilien
18R5 Arwen's Dagger
18R50 The Faithful Stone
18R52 Gondorian Servant, Denethor's Handman
18R53 Horn of Boromir, The Great Horn
18R54 Isildur, Sword-bearer
18R55 Ranger of the North
18R59 Watcher at Sarn Ford, Ranger of the North
18R6 Back to the Light
18R66 Fleet of Corsair Ships
18R67 Gríma, Witless Worm
18R69 Henchman's Dagger
18R7 Celebring, Elven-smith
18R71 Mûmakil Commander, Bold and Grim
18R76 Treachery
18R80 Gothmog, Morgul Leader
18R81 Gothmog's Warg, Leader's Mount
18R82 Grond, Forged with Black Steel
18R83 Gruesome Meal
18R95 Éomer's Bow
18R96 Erkenbrand's Horn
18R97 Erkenbrand's Shield
18R98 Fall Back to Helm's Deep
18R99 Gamling, Dutiful Marshal
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