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Cartes de l'édition "The Hunters" (194)

Code-carte Nom français Nom anglais
15R1 The One Ring, The Ring of Doom
15S2 The One Ring, The Ruling Ring
15U3 Chamber of Records
15U4 The Fortunes of Balin's Folk
15C5 Gimli, Eager Hunter
15R6 Gloin, Son of Gróin
15U7 Heavy Axe
15C8 Sturdy Stock
15R9 Well-crafted Armor
15C10 Whatever End
15R11 Arwen, She-Elf
15R12 Dínendal, Mirkwood Archer
15C13 Elven Bow
15C14 Elven Warrior
15C15 Focus
15U16 Gift of the Evenstar, Blessed Light
15U17 Haldir, Sentry of the Golden Wood
15S18 Legolas, Fleet-footed Hunter
15R19 Legolas, Of the Woodland Realm
15U20 Lórien's Blessing
15U21 Mighty Shot
15R22 The Mirror of Galadriel, Dangerous Guide
15C23 Point Blank Range
15R24 Spied From Afar
15C25 Sword of the Fallen
15U26 Uruviel, Woodland Maid
15U27 Be Gone!
15C28 Ent Avenger
15R29 Gandalf, Powerful Guide
15R30 Leaflock, Finglas
15U31 Mellon!
15U32 Momentous Gathering
15R33 One Last Surprise
15R34 Quickbeam, Hastiest of All Ents
15U35 Shadow of the Wood
15R36 Shepherd of the Trees
15U37 Skinbark, Elder Ent
15R38 Treebeard, Enraged Shepard
15U39 Called to Mordor
15R40 Connected By Fate
15U41 Controlled By The Ring
15R42 Desperate Move
15R43 Gollum, Hopeless
15U44 Herbs and Stewed Rabbit
15C45 Hurry Hobbitses
15C46 Nice Fish
15R47 Not This Time!
15C48 Release Them
15R49 Sméagol, Wretched and Hungry
15U50 Something Slimy
15U51 Sudden Strike
15U52 Swear by the Precious
15R53 Unseen Foe
15S54 Aragorn, Swift Hunter
15R55 Aragorn, Thorongil
15R56 Aragorn's Bow, Ranger's Longbow
15U57 Damrod, Dúnadan of Gondor
15R58 Decorated Barricade
15C59 Dúnedain of the South
15C60 Forth of the three Hunters!
15U61 Gondorian Prowler
15C62 Ithilien Blade
15U63 Mablung, Ranger of Ithilien
15R64 Madril, Defender of Osgiliath
15C65 No Quicker Path
15U66 No Travellers In This Land
15U67 Portico
15C68 Ranger's Cloak
15C69 Silent Traveller
15R70 Tremendous Wall
15C71 Unyielding Ranger
15R72 Bill Ferny, Agent of Saruman
15C73 Bold Easterling
15R74 Chieftain of Dunland
15C75 Courageous Easterling
15R76 Destroyed Homestead
15C77 Easterling Scout
15U78 Engrossed Hillman
15U79 Enraged Herdsman
15C80 Great Axe
15U81 Grieving the Fallen
15C82 Grousing Hillman
15C83 Hunting Herdsman
15R84 Last Gasp
15U85 Lying Counsel
15R86 Mûmak Commander, Giant among the Swertings
15R87 Primitive Savage
15U88 Pursuing Horde
15U89 Rapid Reload
15U90 Rapt Hillman
15C91 Ravaging Wild Man
15U92 Savage Southron
15C93 Swarthy Hillman
15U94 Wandering Hillman
15S95 Battlefield Recruit
15S96 Battlefield Veteran
15C97 Beasts of Burden
15U98 Black Gate Sentry
15R99 Black Land Chieftian
15C100 Black Land Commander
15C101 Black Land Observer
15U102 Black Land Overlord
15C103 Black Land Runner
15R104 Black Land Shrieker
15C105 Black Land Spy
15U106 Coordinated Effort
15C107 Desolation Orc
15C108 Destructive Orc
15R109 Gorbag, Filthy Rebel
15C110 Isengard Marauder
15U111 Moria Menace
15R112 Mountain-troll
15U113 Orkish Camp
15U114 Orkish Hunting Spear
15U115 Pummeling Blow
15C116 Scouting Orc
15R117 Tower Troll
15U118 Unmistakable Omen
15R119 Unreasonable Choice
15C120 Veteran War Chief
15C121 Brilliant Light
15R122 Burial Mounds
15R123 Éomer, Horsemaster
15R124 Éomer's Spear, Trusty Weapon
15C125 Éowyn, Willing Fighter
15S126 Gamling, The Old
15C127 Grim Trophy
15U128 Haleth, Son of Háma
15U129 Horse of Great Stature
15C130 Horseman of the North
15C131 Our Inspiration
15U132 Last Days of My House
15C133 Rider's Mount
15U134 Rohan Stable master
15R135 Rohan Worker
15C136 Rohirrim Axe
15U137 Rohirrim Doorwarden
15S138 Rohirrim Soldier
15U139 Rohirrim Warrior
15U140 Spear of the Mark
15R141 Sturdy Shield
15U142 Swift Stroke
15C143 Community Living
15C144 Frodo, Weary From the Journey
15C145 Hobbit Sword
15R146 Hobbiton Brewer, Maker of Fine Ales
15C147 Hobbiton Farmer, Lover of Pipeweed
15R148 Little Golden Flower
15C149 Merry, The Tall One
15C150 No Visitors
15C151 Pippin, The Short One
15R152 Relaxation
15U153 Sam, Innocent Traveler
15R154 Second Breakfast
15R155 Advancing Horde
15C156 Charging Uruk
15C157 Chasing Uruk
15C158 Covetous Uruk
15U159 Defensive Rush
15U160 Following Uruk
15C161 Hunting Uruk
15R162 Lurtz, Now Perfected
15R163 Lurtz's Sword, Mighty Long Sword
15S164 Mauhúr, Relentless Hunter
15R165 Merciless Berserker
15U166 Poised for Assault
15C167 Pursuing Uruk
15U168 Searching Uruk
15C169 Seeking Uruk
15R170 Sentry Uruk
15S171 Tracking Uruk
15R172 Uglúk, Ugly Fellow
15R173 Uglúk's Sword, Weapon of Command
15R174 Uruk Cavern Striker
15U175 Uruk Infantry
15C176 Uruk Village Assassin
15U177 Uruk Village Rager
15C178 Uruk Village Stormer
15C179 Violent Hurl
15R180 With All Possible Speed
15U181 Later Than You Think
15R182 A Shadow Fell Over Them
15U183 They Feel the Precious
15R184 Úlaírë Attëa, Desirous of Power
15R185 Úlairë Lemenya, Eternally Threatening
15R186 Úlairë Nelya, Fell Rider
15U187 Anduin River
15S188 Breeding pit of Isengard
15S189 City Gates
15S190 East Wall of Rohan
15S191 Gate of Mordor
15U192 Isengard Ruined
15R193 Mount Doom
15S194 Westfold Village

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